The Fun With Google Zero Gravity Effects


Without a doubt, Google has become and remained the leading search engine across the world today. That’s why it’s not a surprise to see different ways on how people can use this facility in a fun way like the Google zero gravity and any other pranks that are indeed very clever and creative.

With the unprecedented popularity of Google among internet users across the globe, different pranks have been developed. These developers hoped to take advantage of the search engine’s popularity of creating an alternative search engine just like Google but with a twist.

Google Zero Gravity Trick Explained

Several years ago, Mr. Doob developed this kind of effect turning the ordinary Google page a lot different. Although the main functionality of Google still remains, these kinds of effects make the user experience more enjoyable and less boring.

While it may appear rather messy to some people, there are actually a lot of reasons why trying these effects worthwhile. Aside from the fact that the magic happens on the main homepage of Google, it actually extends on all search results and app.

Today, there have been several Google pranks that surfaced with different theme and gimmick including the most popular Google zero gravity.

Zero Gravity


Among all types of Google pranks, the zero gravity is probably one of the most popular. Considering its very cool and unique orientation, no wonder why many users love to try this prank. Like its name implies, there’s really no gravity in this prank. Upon opening the page, all the typical Google tabs and apps will fall down just like there’s really no gravity.

Zero Gravity Flat Fall

This is a type of the zero gravity where all the apps and tabs will fall down in flat arrangement. If it’s your first time using this facility, you will surely wonder if it will still work the same as it should normally do. The answer is simply, yes.

Google Sphere

When using Google with this kind of orientation, one will be prompted of all the search results in a spherical arrangement. The sphere type is ideal to use when one is browsing for images since it creates a very unique feeling.

If you can only imagine searching for something on Google then all the results will then suddenly fall at the bottom of the page; that must be very fun. When using this effect, the user can expect all the videos, articles, and all search results will all fall down in a rather messy way.

Cool Pranks

If you want to make fun of some of your friends, you might want to start with any of the effects including the zero gravity. Actually, there are plenty of effects that one can try. You can send the links to your friends to have the feel of the different way of doing searches on Google.

Trying Zero Gravity Google For Fun

Zero Gravity Google

Several years ago, some creative developers have created some funny pranks called Zero Gravity Google that aims to provide funny experience to users of the world’s leading and unbeatable search engine. In order to make the browsing experience of millions of users, the developers have thought of a fun way of using Google.


If you haven’t tried this application, this is the right time to try it even once and see for yourself why many Google users have loved these pranks and use Google in a different light. Users, however, must take into consideration that these systems are in no way affiliated with Google.

It’s Nothing than a Prank

Zero Gravity Google2

If you think the developers are trying to mock Google or anything negative, you got it wrong. While at first glance, one might think that there must be something wrong with your browser or at times, people might think that some sorts of virus got infected their system. But don’t fret, it’s just a prank and nothing’s wrong with your system or anything.


You can make fun of your friends who might feel the same feeling as yours the first time you saw your browser. Today, there have been several types of Zero Gravity Google that are absolutely cool to try.


Different type of pranks and tricks offer different experience that’s beyond the imagination of an ordinary browser. One of the most common pranks that people love is the Zero Gravity Flat Fall. After entering a search query and hitting the search button, all the tabs and Google apps on the upper area of the homepage will all fall down.


Depending on what type of pranks you have chosen, you will experience different gimmick and distorted screen. For the sake of fun and pranks, you can try any of these pranks and tricks:

  • Inversion Mirror
  • Google Sphere
  • Zero Gravity
  • Barrel Roll
  • Zerg Rush
  • Tilt

Does Kik Messenger for PC Works Well?


If you’re one of the 100 million users of Kik, then you must have wondered if the Kik messenger for PC also works as it does in Smartphones. If that’s the case, the answer is clear, the developer of Kik made it clear that they also made the application to work in different devices.


To those who are not familiar on how the application works, the main concept behind the application is simple: it is a messaging app that also offers browsing capability to its users. Unlike its main competitors that only focus on providing messaging capability; this app does a very different yet unique thing.

Works Across Platform

Kik messenger for PCIn a bid to reach millions of users who are in desktop computers, the makers of Kik launched an app that will work not only in Smartphones or tablets but also to PCs. This breakthrough was welcomed by many individuals especially those existing users in mobile.


One of the benefits of using the application in PCs is the capability that it offers especially giving the user the power to do their usual work in PC and at the same time, enjoy communicating with their loved ones.

Use it in PC

If you’re really an avid fan of Kik in mobile but not in PC, you should start downloading Kik messenger for PC right now in order. Although the same concept of Kik still works in PC as it does in mobile, you can experience a different feeling when you try it in a different platform.


Different technology offers different and unique experience. If you want to keep using the application whether you’re in mobile or using your PC, Kik gives you that capability. Not only does it work perfectly well in Smartphones, it also works in other devices, just to give the user a unique experience.

How Kik for PC Works?


The emergence of different brands of Smartphones also opened the doors to different applications that makes the user experience on mobile or PC more enjoyable. One of these applications that offer a superb user experience for tech geeks is the kick for PC.

Originally, Kik, a third party application intended for messaging purposes was intended for mobile phone users. The application, particularly aimed at providing messaging service to Smartphone users. Unlike any other messaging apps, Kik offers somewhat unique service: built-in browser.

The service takes pride to be one of the few app developers to have developed this kind of facility for free. Since the majority of Smartphone users in the world is also using desktop computers, bringing this app to millions of desktop users is a sensible decision on the part of the developers.

Smartphone to Desktop

Kik for pc

If you think you can only enjoy browsing experience only on your desktop, you are absolutely wrong. In fact, you can do the same thing you would usually do on your mobile to your desktop and vice versa. While this app is made primarily to enhance the browsing experience of Smartphone users and at the same time connect with their loved ones, the developers recognized the need to make the kick for PC available.

No one can deny the fact that Smartphones has become very essential part of today’s society. Virtually anything can be done these days by just using one’s Smartphone. By using different apps available for download regardless of your phone’s operating system, it is very possible to do many things by using a single device.

If you love communicating with your loved ones, but you are doing something on your desktop, you can do this by using Kik. Even from your desktop, you can still access the apps’ messaging capacity without the need to get your phone. True indeed that despite of what type of device you are using right now, there’s no reason why you should not experience the benefits that Kik offers for years now.

Shazam for PC: Bringing the Shazammed Experience on Desktops


In the advent of technological advancement over the past years, no one can deny that one of the major concerns of most people today is how to make their online experience a lot better through different applications like Shazam for pc.

Different applications work in a very unique way offering different services to its users that one can get from any other application. In the case of Shazam, which an application that recognizes a song being played, its main target markets are those music lovers.

Since majority of people across the world love music, no wonder this application has existed for more than a decade now. In fact, this app is now available to different platforms, giving more opportunities to users in different devices whether in PC, tablet, or smartphones.

How is Works

ShazamForPCFor those who are unfamiliar with the application, the main concept is actually very simple. If you’re listening to an unfamiliar song and you want to know who sang it, its lyrics, or where to buy it, this app answers all those questions you have.

If you’re tuned in to a radio station that played your song but you don’t have any idea about it, not only that this app will provide you the basic information about that song, it will also show a live lyrics on the screen. If you’re a certified music lover and wants to be updated on the latest music releases, you will surely love this app.

Perfect for all Platforms  

Unlike any other applications similar to this one, this is actually made perfect for all platforms. If you’re a desktop geek, the developers also developed a dedicated Shazam for pc that desktop users will absolutely love.

The app dedicated for desktop users have the same capabilities and works basically just the same as it would work in different platforms. As the developers strive to ensure that every user will have a swift experience, everyone can expect there are more features and improvements to come in the pipeline.